it’s good to be the bride.

cocktails galore.

The Mister and I, along with our parents, had our reception tasting last night, and as one of the little surprises our venue had for us, they brought us each a cocktail they called “Pittsburgh punch” as a signature drink to consider for cocktail hour. I, jokingly, said that if we were going to have [...]

things I can hear through my open office window: a list.

Birds. Cars. Trains. Laughing children. A ringing phone. The ice cream man. A fire siren. The musical selections of the neighbor four doors down. That one motorcycle that always sounds like it’s about to explode. The three-times-a-workday train that, by the sound of it, is headed straight for the house. Children whose screams make me [...]

Pretty Nails: Supernatural Lacquer swatches and review.

Supernatural Lacquer - Silver Lining

Disclosure: The lovely Stefanie at Supernatural Lacquer provided these polishes at discounted cost in exchange for swatches and an honest review of her products. Now, here’s the thing, guys — I should have posted these pictures about a month ago. But I screwed up, and got distracted, and life generally got in the way. Stefanie’s [...]

Pretty Nails: white and green nail art.

white and green nail art

I probably sounds like a broken record by now, but getting my Black Sheep subscription box is one of my new favorite things. This month, along with my sunset polish, my box contained a pair of pearly beauties: an icy white and a jade green. And for the first time in the year since I’ve [...]

Pretty Nails: Tequila Sunrise by Black Sheep Lacquer

Tequila Sunrise by Black Sheep Lacquer -- warm

I keep showing off Black Sheep Lacquer polishes, but it’s with good reason: because they’re awesome. Erin is pretty incredible herself, and when she asked me at the end of last year if I had any ideas for color combinations for a thermal polish, I fired a few off to her not thinking that any [...]



You know what’s REALLY great about working from home? Shutting down your computer and then stepping into a bubble bath, complete with wine and book, three minutes later.