watch this space.

Almost every day I think about writing. I think about the stories I want to tell and the adventures I want to record and how I miss having some sort of chronicle of the things that I haven’t committed to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I’m guilty of fragmenting my life and scattering the pieces to social networks, of trying to reduce joy and sorrow to 140 characters or a single square image. Sometimes that’s an adequate form of communication, but sometimes there’s so much more.

For months I’ve had daydreams of starting another site, one where I can capture my misadventures in the kitchen and my attempts at cardmaking and maybe actually turning it into an actual business instead of a hobby and my eventual migration to Boyfriend’s side of the state. I even had the name picked out and everything; it felt like a promising fresh start. But… what’s wrong with this one, aside from the fact that I never call, I never visit, I never write? Well, nothing.

So consider this the start of another attempt to keep all of my thoughts in one place. Even if I just re-post Instagram pictures for a while, that’s better than the nothing that’s currently here. And if I can make it a habit to post here instead of elsewhere, well, maybe that habit will eventually turn into something more.


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    Ranah says

    Kudos girly! I actually quite miss your writing. It is, afterall, what sparked our long-distance friendship. On that note, I miss writing as well. I’ve been looking for an intimate venue to speak my mind, while getting feedback from a smaller audience. Maybe a password protected blog type deal. We’ll see :) Either way, glad to see you blogging again!

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    Rebecca says

    is there a way I can get a notification when you post something new? I missed this, and the cupcakes!! I saw the ice skating post only after I saw you posted a picture of a champagne bottle and I got little ideas in my head :)

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    So… it turns out that when I changed the theme for the site, the code for my RSS feed and posts-by-email was broken, and I’m not sure that anyone was getting their emails. It should be fixed now, though!

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