before and after.

Or: a love letter to Ikea.

I’m a week and a half into working remotely from home, and I have to say, this setup has its perks. I’m a big fan of rolling out of bed, walking across the hall to wake my computer up, and then wandering off to grab breakfast and a cup of tea. And the dress code — let’s talk about how much I now love leggings.

But I won’t lie, the first week was rough. Nothing worked. My primary monitor was buzzing, flickering, and giving me a headache, I fought to get my printer to work hours after it was performing flawlessly, and I cannot even tell you how uncomfortable I was after sitting in a dining room chair for seven hours a day.


This second week has been better, but only because of my pretty new desk and storage pieces. I’m still technologically challenged, thanks to the gentlemen at our IT company who break just as many things as they fix. (And one of them had the nerve to question why I set up my wireless range extender on my own instead of letting him charge $165 an hour to do it.)


The laptop is — hopefully — temporary while I’m unable to check my email due to an issue that leaves me unable to access my Outlook account from my work setup. Once it’s gone I’ll no longer be able to play Dungeons of Dredmor while watching the IT guys tinker with my machine, but I will have lots more desk space. I still can’t quite find everything that I’m looking for when I need it, but at least it’s all looking a lot prettier. And my chair is actually comfortable!

I could get used to this.


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