Pretty Nails: white and green nail art.

I probably sounds like a broken record by now, but getting my Black Sheep subscription box is one of my new favorite things.

This month, along with my sunset polish, my box contained a pair of pearly beauties: an icy white and a jade green. And for the first time in the year since I’ve really gotten into doing my nails, I immediately had an idea of how I wanted to use them together.

First, though, I had to try them on their own.

Black Sheep Lacquer --  Ice Queen

Black Sheep Lacquer — Ice Queen

Typically I’m not as fond of metallic polishes or anything with a finish that leaves brush strokes in it, but these two polishes are — well, tolerable is the wrong word, because I really do like them, but I think you might know what I mean. They are definitely not the streaky mess that might immediately come to mind when you think of a pearly polish — these are somehow softer, and quite nicely self-leveling.

The white is opaque in three to four thin coats, and the green in two.

Black Sheep Lacquer -- green pearl

Black Sheep Lacquer — jade green pearl

As of this post, the lovely green you see here is unnamed — Erin offered to let me do the honors if I could come up with something, but I’m not quite up to the challenge. I’m more into admiring the pretties.

white and green nail art

white and green nail art

And now, friends, let me introduce you to the secret behind the gorgeous chevron on my middle nail: Nail Vinyls. @Teismom makes these little beauties, and I’m not going to lie, even after seeing tons of pictures on Instagram of designs using her vinyls, I was skeptical.

Because sure — a lot of these pictures are posted by gals who have been doing their nails daily for months or years. And uh, hi, that’s not me (yet). I figured there had to be some kind of a learning curve, right? WRONG. What you see above is absolutely my first attempt using the chevron nail vinyls. I was a little flabbergasted that I didn’t have to reapply or touch-up or anything. (Just ignore the little bit right below my cuticle because I placed the last strip oddly.) I am a believer.

A few dots and some silver glitter (Shooting Stars by Philly Loves Lacquer, which you will hopefully see again here on the bloggy-thing soon) later… ta da! A really gorgeous left hand that I can’t stop admiring. (Not pictured: the really bare right hand with a totally busted pointer nail and absolutely no polish at all.)


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