it’s good to be the bride.

The Mister and I, along with our parents, had our reception tasting last night, and as one of the little surprises our venue had for us, they brought us each a cocktail they called “Pittsburgh punch” as a signature drink to consider for cocktail hour.

I, jokingly, said that if we were going to have a Pittsburgh drink we needed a Philly drink, too – at which point our coordinator, Kelly, said “yeah, sure, let me go talk to my awesome bar guy.” A few minutes later the bartender walked in with two glasses of a new drink, one for me and one for the Mister. Nice.

Now, while Kelly was scheming with her awesome bar guy, we family members had all been talking, and I’d said something silly about how I wished the Pittsburgh drink was blue to match our vague wedding color scheme. So when Kelly came back, my dad piped up: “Do you have anything that would make that Pittsburgh drink blue for the wedding?” “Let me see what I can do,” she said, then disappeared. Then she was back with the bartender again, this time with a teal blue something in a martini glass, and he set it down right in front of me.

cocktails galore.

cocktails galore.

So there I was with three drinks and we haven’t even finished trying the appetizers. Needless to say, it was a pretty good night.


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    LOL! Gotta love that alcohol!

    We didn’t have a reception since we went to the courthouse, but we’re having a party for our 5 year anniversary in December. Gotta make up for lost time! <3 <3

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      I love that you had a courthouse wedding! The Mister and I might opt for one ourselves this summer, and then have the ceremony and reception in the fall as planned. We are both eldest children (and grandchildren) so a lot of this is for our families as much as it would be for us. City Hall, though, would be solely for us.

      i hope you guys have a rockin’ partyversary!!

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