notes from an engagement, part three.

The Mister and I finally went into Macy’s to complete our more traditional wedding registry — the other one, the one with the flamethrower, is on Amazon — and we spied a really gorgeous flatware set. We added it to our registry with a *zap* of the scanner gun.

I got a notice from Macy’s this morning that some of the pieces on our registry are in the process of being discontinued, and they recommended logging in to modify our list. Okay, no problem.

That’s when I noticed our lovely 64-piece flatware set is $375.

I can’t ask anyone to spend that kind of money. Well, I thought to myself. We don’t really need 12 place settings anyway. I’ll just add, say, nine individual flatware sets to our list.

Except that a five-piece set is $70. What are they, crazy?


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    yes they are crazy!! But, I think it’s perfectly OK to leave that on your registry. If you get it, hot damn! If you don’t, then ok too! There may be someone out there who wants to do something really nice for you

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